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Paperless Forms: The Future is Here

The Future is Here With Paperless Forms  Are you tired of tedious data entry, filing, printing, scanning, and shredding paper documents? While the back of your dental practice may be cutting edge, many front offices look the same way they did decades ago with paper...

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YAPI’s Emoji Guide

Communicate with your patients with popular emojis! Download our newest infographic to learn how you can use emojis with YAPI.

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InstaReview Announcement

We’ve updated our software to make sure that it’s compliant with Google’s Content Guidelines. This change will take effect immediately and will not require any software update.

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Going Digital with your Routing Slip

What’s all the hype about the Routing Slip? Routing Slips are very valuable. They help eliminate the need for constant clicking around in a patient’s digital chart by pulling crucial information about your patients from your computer and delivering it right at your...

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Senior Patients & Digital Technology

When running and operating a dental practice, it’s important to address concerns that could be holding you back from implementing new and better technology. The Common Concern: Many practice owners and staff members are concerned that senior patients could have a...

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Going Paperless: Your Implementation Champion

Going paperless is a long journey with occasional bumps on the road. At times, there may be a desire to abandon the process and slide back to what is already familiar and comfortable. This reluctance is particularly common for the team members who were not fully...

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Training Your Team: Going Paperless

Adopting new technology and learning new workflows is not always intuitive. Every technology and software introduce learning curves. Training your team will help level any learning curves and ensure successful implementation when transitioning to a paperless dental...

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