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Pushing beyond the average requires better tools.

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True Paperless™

Practice Dashboard™


Patient Engagement


Phone Assistant™

Everything you need for a more efficient dental practice, all in one place.

True Paperless™

Stop wasting valuable time on endless data entry, printing, scanning and shredding paper!

Let your patients review, complete and sign patient forms on an iPad anywhere in your office or via your practice website from the convenience of their home computer or mobile device. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to update patient information and save documents in your practice management software.

Practice Dashboard™

Quickly see everything you need to know about your patients in one place, so nothing is overlooked.

Real-time actionable alerts and instant communication will enable your team to make better and faster data-driven decisions, do more with less effort and fewer interruptions to patient care.

Intra-Office Communication

Get everyone in your practice all on the same page!

Communicate with your teammates discretely and without interruptions via color-coded, two-way messages with audible alerts to request hygiene checks, call for assistance, summons a provider, or relate any sensitive information.

Patient Engagement

Send personalized communications – automatically!

Connect with patients on their own terms via email, true two-way text, and postcards. With personalized automated appointment confirmations, continuous care reminders, and e-mail blasts, you’ll be able to reduce broken appointments, fill your schedule, and reactivate lost patients.


Grow your most valuable asset – your reputation!

Get your happy patients to brag about you online!  Our personalized and automated system will help you collect a lot of genuine 5-star reviews from your loyal patients on sites that matter most, such as Google, Yelp and Facebook. Our review requests and patient surveys will help you catch negative feedback before it goes online, change the outcome, and let your patients know that you care about their experience.

Phone Assistant™

Deliver an exceptional patient experience with every call!

Make conversation happen easily and efficiently. With YAPI, you won’t need to search through your practice management software with the patient waiting on the line. YAPI automatically identifies incoming or outgoing calls and displays relevant known information about the patient right on your screen. Armed with critical information, you’ll manage every call more effectively, serve your patients better, and build stronger relationships.

Ridiculously Easy To Use

Spend less time on busy work with our simple and intuitive solutions. Be ready to wow patients with exceptional organization!

Powerful Features

Eliminate all time-consuming tasks with just a few clicks. From appointment confirmations to updating medical histories.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

Increase privacy and security for your patients and practice. All vital patient data is safely stored and HIPAA compliable.

Why Dentists Love YAPI


YAPI helps to reduce paper and save time! I was concerned whether YAPI would integrate with Open Dental as well as advertised. We found that it integrates very well. We are so happy with many features: the ability to complete patients forms on an iPad and push them through to Open Dental via YAPI; the ability to two-way text between workstations; the KPI overview and the ability to identify if a patient is “ready” for the doctor.

Dr. Mark Maher

Walnut Creek Dentist

As a big believer in the same-day dentistry concept, I rely on YAPI to help me navigate through my day and maximize every patient encounter. As a new practice owner who has to watch her overhead closely, I love the fact that I can rely on my software to do the work that would be normally delegated to a staff member. Give YAPI a try in your practice - I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Kathrine Tsap

Westlake Village Family Dentistry

Stop stitching together multiple systems, get a fully integrated platform you’ll love to use!

Are you ready to see what YAPI can do for your practice?

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